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An Atlas of Fantasy?

While much has been made of “Appendix N” in the DMG, I haven’t seen too many people discussing the same kind of bibliography presented in David Hargrave’s The Arduin Adventure. I went through his list and was delighted to rediscover many books I remembered from the mid-’70s. Fantasy wasn’t as omnipresent a genre then – you often had to hunt these titles down. When I came across books like these – collections of folklore with new and whimsical art, coffee table-sized books of classic science fiction magazine illustrations – I remembered them vividly, even when I couldn’t afford to buy the books with what little my allowance and/or paper route money allowed me to spend.

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Eight Lies Of The City

1) The nine Artificial Intelligences (Difference Engines – or AIs) that seem to rule different sections of the city have no way to communicate with each other and each appears to be totally unaware of the existence of any of the others. They have no way to propagate themselves and each is as old as the others. There are no “young” or “old” AIs. They are all the same age and they all seem to have a common creator – thought who, or what, that was (or still is) is knowledge lost in time.

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