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Letting It Take Over

“It is very edifying and profitable to create a world out of one’s brain and people it with inhabitants… By conversing daily with such beings and accustoming your eyes to their glaring attire and fantastic features — you acquire a tone of mind admirably calculated to enable you to cut a respectable figure in practical life.”

– Charlotte Brontë

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More Kickstarter Woes…

Tavis has posted more on his problems with the struggling “Dimmermount” Kickstarter campaign. This situation fascinates me, mainly in the way it illustrates perils that come with reputations.

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Arduin Basic?

The Arduin supplements began as supplements for D&D – OD&D that is. As they grew in popularity, and as TSR cracked down on unauthorized references to its own game within the pages of the Arduin booklets, Hargrave created his own competing RPG – his basic modifications to D&D, codified. The first appearance of this “new RPG” was called “The Arduin Adventure.” It came in a box with some supplemental material and its rule book was also sold separately. The simple, short rules were obviously based on the popular “Basic” D&D book complied by Dr. Holmes.

Geoffrey McKinney has described Hargrave’s production as:

“Imagine Holmes D&D, or B/X D&D, written by a hippy genius while well-supplied with strong red wine, and you’ll have a fair idea of this game.”

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