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Agriculture in D&D

“Leaving his arms in the field, let no man go a foot´s length forward.
For it is hard to know, when on his way, a man may need his weapon.”

The Havamal: 38

One of the difficult aspects of engineering a realistic alternative world, even a fantasy one, is dealing with the economics of food production. I confess that we never worried about food much when we played D&D in Junior High. People usually bought some food (“iron rations” – 15 gold pieces) when they created a character, and then forgot about eating after that. While this was convenient, it’s hardly realistic. In the sorts of medieval worlds D&D took place in, food – growing it, hunting it, finding it, eating it – would be extremely important and nearly all the population would involved in little else in many areas.

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This blog will be about my perspectives on the Old School Renaissance of fantasy role play gaming – with an emphasis on city campaigns and city play. I hope to review new and old city aides, and to explore related gaming ideas and styles!

“Yea and the gods, in the likeness of strangers from far countries, put on all manner of shapes, and wander through the cities…”

– Homer