Archive | April 16, 2012

The New HPL?

“Sometimes it feels like one is watching a variety of blindingly beautiful, yet, corrupted blossoms appearing one by one – like little miracles – upon the limbs of a black and contorted tree.”

– “Mr. Schneider”

I recently had the great good fortune to read some original issues of Weird Tales magazine from the late 1930s. Both HPL and REH had just passed away and the letter columns were full of condolences and the readers’ memories of these two great, and profoundly influential, authors. As I went through the readers’ letters, it occurred to me to consider just how small the WT fan base was at the time. Many letters actually came from the magazine’s own regular writers. No matter how important HPL and REH, as well as other writers and artists publishing in this justly famous magazine may seem to us now, the vast majority of the reading public had no idea who they were.

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